Welcome to Claws & Paws Cards, a website for cat and dog themed greeting cards.

It all started with a love of our animals and an unhealthy addiction to cards. Finding a great quality, appealing, cat or dog card on my travels would almost always end up with a purchase. I’d often work out who the recipient was going to be some time later. But finding a great choice of these cards in a single place just didn’t happen. Wouldn’t it make life easier if you could get all your cat and dog related cards at one place, I thought? And so Claws & Paws Cards was born…

I really hope you’ll love the cards for sale here. I’ve brought together the best cards I could find. If you’re a cat or dog person (or both!), or if you’re shopping for loved ones who are, I hope they’ll make you smile, laugh, sigh or pull at your heartstrings like they do for me.